Jolinda standing in front of colorful mural with a smile.
Posted by | November 24, 2020
November 2020 Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter What a year this month has been... As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to say thank you for being a part of my community. Whether...

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Image of Jolinda smiling in front of a mural with the words "Thank You" in the top left corner and the Shapes & Colors logo in the bottom left
Posted by | October 31, 2020
October 2020 Newsletter

October 2020 Newsletter Celebrating 1-year As of October 1, I have been in business for a full calendar year. I feel so fortunate to have an amazing roster of clients...

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Posted by | September 30, 2020
September 2020 Newsletter

September 2020 Newsletter Approaching 1-year I am so thankful that I've been at this solo-preneur journey for almost a full calendar year. I have met amazing people building and evolving...

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Posted by | August 20, 2020
August 2020 Newsletter

August 2020 Newsletter Action brings clarity In the last month, lots of actions have moved things forward in my business. I launched my updated website...after 3 years of tinkering with it....

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Posted by | July 16, 2020
July 2020 Newsletter – We’re Halfway Done!

July 2020 Newsletter - We're Halfway Done! Hello summer! Hi from me and my baby cat Victoria. This is a recent photo of her on my lap while I work...

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Posted by | May 29, 2020
May 2020 Newsletter

May 2020 Newsletter 2020 has been wild. To be honest, May has been rough. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions on so many levels. I applied for the PPP and EIDL...

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Posted by | April 16, 2020
Making Colorful Things And Paying Taxes, April Newsletter

Making Colorful Things And Paying Taxes, April Newsletter Makin' it happen from home. This is where I am working from each day. #stayhome #quarantinelife I feel so fortunate to be...

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Hand wearing a ring with text Be Brave stamped into it
Posted by | March 18, 2020
Virtual Business and Social Distancing in March, 2020 Newsletter

Virtual Business and Social Distancing in March Be brave I wear this ring a lot. I've had this for a couple of years now and I look at it all the...

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Jolinda Smithson, graphic and web designer
Posted by | February 12, 2020
Feeling the Love In February, 2020 Newsletter

Feeling the Love in February What's it like taking the leap? To be honest, I didn't really leap. My freelance journey started in 2009 and at that time it didn't last much...

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Posted by | January 14, 2020
2020 Goals And Intentions, January 2020 Newsletter

January 2020 Goals And Intentions Dreaming about my year Each January, I take a few weeks to migrate the content of my previous year's Bullet Journal to the new one....

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