July 2020 Newsletter – We’re Halfway Done!

Hello summer!

Hi from me and my baby cat Victoria. This is a recent photo of her on my lap while I work from my home office. Summer is my season. I have been outside many evenings to play sand doubles volleyball and have played several weekend tournaments in the last couple of months. It feels amazing to be able to move around and have sun on my skin.

In the last month, I have been taking a step back to be able to listen, read, learn and process what’s been going on around us. In Richmond city there have been almost nightly peaceful marches and protests to speak out against police brutality and systemic racism.

People are upset and frustrated and taking to the streets. It’s been so interesting to see the emotional context added to many confederate monuments around town in the form of spray paint, signs and memorials to people killed by the police.

As of the first of July, the Mayor of Richmond has ordered the removal of many confederate monuments as a sign that Richmond does not want to continue glorifying people who stood for racism against the Black community.

As a designer, I’m not the one to march in the streets. My introverted nature means that being around that many people drains me super fast. However, I have been donating to causes and trying to amplify voices of People of Color so that non-POC people in my network can start to learn more about what it’s like to be Black in America…if they didn’t already know.

One of the ways that I want to help is by supporting my friend Nadia Anderson in her goal of creating a searchable directory of Black Businesses in Richmond and the surrounding area. By Black Richmond is a landing page and typeform for now, but will become a directory that anyone can use to find and support Black business. Know a Black business owner or want to support Black business? Please share this resource and hop on the newsletter list for updates when it’s launched.

So you want to talk about race -Ijeoma OiuoRecommended reading / watching:

Using my Henrico Public Library Hoopla app, I’ve been listening to So You Want to Talk About Race, by Ijeoma Oluo. The author shares lots of life experience and perspective for people who are hoping to have productive conversations in their lives.

I’ve joined a Racial Affinity Group that meets once a month to review Ruth King’s book, Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out. Our goal is to dig deep within to understand our programming in how we relate with others so that we lead more with our hearts and empathy for one another.

Business update:

CEO Day Kit: Business Planning Tools That Actually Work For Creative Entrepreneurs

On July 2, I participated in a virtual Being Boss CEO Day Kit session. By going through the exercises in this business planning framework, I discovered what my average monthly income, expenses and gross revenue have been for the last 9 months. Seeing my progress, I feel confident in how my business is going and comfortable that I’m making it work! I highly recommend listening to the Being Boss podcast or joining the Being Boss Community for any creative entrepreneur who wants to get more legit.

Website launch y’all!

I am proud to announce that my clients Salomon & Ludwin have launched their new website.  I collaborated on this project with Marketing Expert, Beth Pettler Hendricks and with photography studio Journey Seven to bring this Financial Advising firm’s vision to life.

Community Conversations

At my coworking space, Gather Arts District, I have been collaborating with the marketing team to facilitate conversations around underground curiosities of Richmond. Our 5th event is next Friday, July 24th and our topic is Business Support Organizations.

Learn more and reserve your spot!

Teaching at VisArts starting July 29!

Starting at the end of this month I’m teaching at VisArts! You can choose a morning or evening class of Adobe Creative Suite to learn Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. This beginner level virtual course covers the basics of how all three programs work and how to leverage Adobe CC for digital creativity.

Must-watch Webinar

If you’re looking for an amazing on-demand webinar to understand how to create a better anti-racist workplace, check this one out. Dr. Tiffany Jana has so many amazing insights about how to be a better leader and how to tap into human empathy in creating a better workplace for everyone.

We are still in a pandemic

After giving blood last week, the Red Cross notified me that I have COVID-19 antibodies, which technically means I have been exposed to the virus. I decided to get a drive-thru test Wednesday at CVS and will know in 7-10 days what my results are. I do not feel sick and have never had a symptom. This is probably part of the reason why the spread of this virus is so tricky. Keep washing those hands and wearing those masks y’all!

Recent events

My team and I hosted our 5th virtual CreativeMornings/Richmond with the topic of Insecure in July.
Check out the video of Lauryn Hutchinson’s talk. She shares a heart-felt message that left me ugly crying.

The CreativeMornings/Richmond team is hosting another virtual event this Friday, July 17 with the topic of Underdog featuring Sandi Cauley.

Need some creativity or color in your life?

DIY Journal Kits – $35
For $35, each person will get a pre-cut cover, 5 sets of interior papers in blank white (you can choose up to 5 colored papers for section markers), a wooden or paper spine, one color of waxed thread and a darning needle.

If you’ve never made one of these before and want to get my instruction, I’m offering virtual sessions where I can walk you through all of the steps. Reply to this email with your name, address and preferred contact info to claim yours!

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to connect over a Zoom virtual meeting, please reach out.

My next virtual event:
Friday, April 17
CreativeMornings/Richmond – Purpose
This digital event has no cap on attendance. You can still register!

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