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Practical Creative Marketing Partner

Looking for a creative services partner who works like an owner? I run a small shop and you get my expertise and insight on every project. If you’re my client, we work together to find right-sized solutions and we get things done. We don’t create complicated plans and strategy that are simply not a fit for your stage of business. If you’re looking to transition into a new agency relationship, let’s chat.

Colorful desk with journals, pantone books, coffee mug, colorful pens and pencils

Feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with your design or website partner? It doesn’t have to be that way!


I’d love to learn more about you and your business goals. Then help you level up your brand and website to match your vision for your company. If you just need a business card or flyer, I can recommend some great local folks. But if you want a long-term relationship with a designer who operates like an extension of your team, let’s discuss partnership.

If you need help with at least 2 or more of these, I might be a fit:

  • marketing planning and goal setting
  • website or brand audit
  • website consulting
  • RFP creation / review
  • branding/rebranding/logo design
  • web design (from scratch or editing what you already have)
  • redesigning your marketing materials
  • large scale signage or promotional graphics
  • merchandise or packaging design

Or if you only need one of the above, but want my help for 3 months or more.

Give me a shout

Things I can help with

Strategic Marketing

Let's strategize, but more importantly, execute your monthly marketing throughout the year. The consistency, tools and accountability you need, none of the fluff.

Minimum budget
Logo and identity design

I love creating illustrative logos with hand-drawn type or custom graphic elements. My process results in a visual brand system - several logo options, color scheme, style guide and a transfer of rights - to use across all of your marketing.

Minimum budget
Website design

I specialize in theme-based WordPress website design, but also work in Squarespace, Wix or Weebly depending on my client's needs. I don't hold your website hostage. Instead, I set it up and teach you how to make simple updates.

1250 - 1500
per page
How we get started

I will do a complete branding and marketing audit that results in a current state brand style guide. I also generate a set of recommendations for next steps to reach your goals. If you come to me with a documented brand guide, written mission, vision, values and existing marketing strategy, this phase could be simpler.

Strategic Discovery Session

Thanks again for a terrific conversation this afternoon – my wheels are turning and I’m already more excited about marketing than I have been so far!

- Recent Client