Feeling the Love in February

Jolinda Smithson, graphic and web designer

What’s it like taking the leap?

To be honest, I didn’t really leap. My freelance journey started in 2009 and at that time it didn’t last much longer than a year. This time around, things are so much different.

After working within various company sizes over the last 10 years, I have learned more about what I like and prefer as an artist, designer, coworker and maker. In 2016 I started journaling to make intentional changes in my life, including the journey to eliminating credit card debt. In 2017 and 2018, I invested in personal coaching, began saving for a bridge fund, started learning how to sell, and forced myself to continue to network.

As an introvert, people make me tired. So it’s not at the top of my list to walk into a group of strangers. However, I have found that if you show up to the same event a few times, chances are the folks are not all strangers anymore. Blame it on my small town upbringing, but I like having a community around wherever I go…and the more I network, the more likely it is that I’ll know the folks in the rooms where business is happening.

January was a great month

Some of the seeds of showing up in 2019 (my words for last year) have started to grow. Every day I’m learning more about business, myself and my ideal clients. One thing is for sure – I love seeing people awaken to their most creative selves…fall in love again with their business…or feel refreshed about their brand and what it says to the world.

Abundance update

My word of the year for 2020 is Abundance. I am cultivating this mindset and keeping track of wins in my journal. Some recent #evidence: friends buying jewelry from me to help pay for my cat’s broken leg, free meals, a signed business book by a leader I admire, a free updated headshot (thank you Kim!) and an extra ticket to a business workshop.

Whole 66

What the heck?! I read the Whole30 book for the first time and the author mentioned that scientific research points to new habits and mindsets forming fully after 66 days of practice. I decided at the end of 30 days, I would continue eating according to the Whole30 guidelines to see if I could make it another 36 days. I’ve dreamed about cotton candy and bear-shaped cookies but have avoided those things in real life for 43 days now. Now I’m telling y’all about it, so hopefully that’s enough motivation to keep it going.

Recent events

I hosted CreativeMornings/Richmond – Roots in January
Photos  |  Video

The Mobelux journal workshop was a hit!

Our CreativeMornings/Richmond team held a fun Contributor Party and screen printing activity at Studio Two Three.

I helped clients with wardrobe and accessories at Kim Brundage Photography’s Headshot Party & Social Media Branding Sessions in February.

Classes and Workshops

Take a Leap on Leap Day
I’m hosting a DIY Journal Workshop on Saturday morning, February 29 at Gather Arts. If you’ve been looking for a push to start a new intentional journaling, writing or sketching practice, join us! Limited early bird tickets are available at a discount.

March Into Spring Crushing Your Goals!
If a Sunday afternoon works better for you, we’re making on March 8.

Honoring Black Creatives in Richmond

Every day this month on my Facebook page, I’m taking time to shout out local Black creatives who have inspired me, encouraged me or made an impact on my life in some way. Check out some of the folks I’ve featured so far.

Hamilton Glass
Natasha Freeman
Alana Robinson
Duron Chavis

Richmond Curious

In partnership with Gather Arts, I am helping launch a downtown area networking and connection group called Richmond Curious. Think you know everything about Richmond? There’s so much more to discover! Keep an eye on the Gather social media profiles for upcoming topics and dates.

Happy February y’all!


Thanks for reading. If you’d like to connect in person, these are some of the places I’ll be.

Thursday, February 13
Commonwealth Coffee in Washington, DCFriday, February 14
Richmond Curious Event Announcement at Gather ArtsWednesday, February 19
Metropolitan Business League Member Recharge MeetingFriday, February 21
CreativeMornings/Richmond – Invest
Tickets will be released at 10am on Monday, February 17 and they’re hot!

Tuesday, February 25
Ladies Wine & Design RVA

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