August 2020 Newsletter

Action brings clarity

In the last month, lots of actions have moved things forward in my business. I launched my updated website…after 3 years of tinkering with it. I hired a former student from VCU to take brand photos for my business. I invested in a Brand Clarity Week course. I have rededicated myself to daily journaling and planning.

In June, I was feeling the weight of being in quarantine and the emotional pain of the 2020 Civil Rights Movement. In July, I decided to start using my voice more to share what I’ve been learning as a business owner and as an ally in the Black Lives Matter movement. In August, I am hoping to blend all of that together with who I want to be as a business owner and how I want to attract clients who share similar values to me.

In Richmond, where I live and work, monuments to white supremacy are being taken down in various parts of the city. While some people are only watching the news and feeling fearful about what’s happening around us, I walk and work within this city daily and can tell you it is not dangerous. Restaurants are opening with socially distanced inside protocols or serving meals in outdoor spaces. Businesses are returning to somewhat normal hours. There are demonstrations at the capitol and in various parts of the city throughout the week, but nothing feels unsafe to me and for the most part people are expressing their views in peaceful ways. Some meet ups have even seen singing, dancing, art-making and other community-building activities.

As a white woman of relative privilege, I am committing to continue to listen to the voices of People of Color and to doing my part when I can to encourage and support Black Business owners. Their struggle to exist and have the opportunities I have is greater than mine has ever been. Some white people take offense to any discussion about race and privilege. I get it. But I’m attempting to do better and not get defensive when these topics are brought up. I want a world and a community where everyone feels supported and encouraged to live their best life. Black folks

 don’t feel like society is helping them do that equally and they are telling about all the ways that they are hurting because of it. I don’t want to turn away from that hurt or shut down their voices. I want to listen and help work to make things better.

One of the ways that I am helping is by supporting my friend Nadia Anderson in her goal of creating a searchable directory of Black Businesses in Richmond and the surrounding area. By/Buy Black Richmond is a landing page and typeform for now, but will become a directory that anyone can use to find and support Black business. Know a Black business owner or want to support Black business? Please share this resource and hop on the newsletter list for updates when it’s launched.

Business update

This month I participated in Clarity Week, an offering by brand strategist Kaye Putnam. In it, I began refining my brand messaging and archetypes so that I can communicate who I am and who I’m for even better.

Having an accountability group like this has been vital for me as a solo business owner. This encouragement to continue refining and then telling my story is a lifesaver…especially when I am feeling like not showing up as the face of my business.

Website launch y’all!

My new website finally has a fresh coat of paint! It’s been several years in the making, but I’m happy to have a site that more fully reflects who I am and who I help. I’ll be adding portfolio work and content updates in the coming weeks.

I also just wrapped up a first photo shoot with Sha Rich of RichMethods. Her work is candid and natural…something I definitely wanted in my own photos. I’m excited to share more of the images once I pick all of my favorites.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of them!

Teaching Adobe Creative Suite at VisArts

I’m 2/3 through teaching my 6-week Adobe Creative Suite course and I’ve been invited back to teach again this fall. Over 10 weeks I’ll be teaching beginners Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You can learn more and sign up here.

My COVID-19 Story

After giving blood in July, the Red Cross notified me that I had COVID-19 antibodies, which technically means I have been exposed to the virus. I decided to get a drive-thru test at CVS and after 2.5 weeks of waiting, I got a negative test result. I have never felt a symptom, but could have been exposed or may have been an asymptomatic carrier. Keep washing those hands and wearing those masks y’all! You never know who you may be helping.

Giving Back to My Community

I partnered with Kim Brundage Photography to offer free headshots for a few members of my business networking group, the Metropolitan Business League.

I sponsored the headshots that Kim offered at a no-frills rate for folks impacted by the COVID pandemic.

Recent events

My team and I hosted our 5th virtual CreativeMornings/Richmond with the topic of Underdog in July.
Check out the video of Sandi’s talk.

The CreativeMornings/Richmond team is hosting another virtual event this Friday, August 21 with the topic of Stress featuring Nadia Anderson.

Check out my Etsy shop!

I recently added new items to my shop and every purchase and review helps Etsy show my site to more people. If you’ve got any birthdays or anniversaries coming up, consider giving a handmade journal to your loved ones!

My daily journaling and habit tracking practice has done wonders for my emotional wellness. I also find it helps me keep better track of the actions that lead me toward my goals.

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to connect over a quick discovery call, please grab a spot on my calendar.

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