Making Colorful Things And Paying Taxes, April Newsletter

Makin’ it happen from home.

This is where I am working from each day. #stayhome #quarantinelife
I feel so fortunate to be able to do my work and have a consistent client roster during such uncertain times. Thank you so much to all of my clients for sticking with me and moving our work forward.

I have applied for the PPP and EIDL for small business owners. I have not seen any word back from either, but I applied in the first few weeks so hopefully there will be some good news. I am ok today, but I’m not sure what the next few months will hold so I want to be prepared.

Newquay update: She’s so much better! Her cast is off, the cone is off and she’s playful and cuddly as ever.

Business update – March was a solid month 
When I started my business, I evaluated my total monthly income goal. I know what I need to make to pay my bills. Knowing what I need to make at minimum, March met that goal for me. 6 months in, I am loving working for myself.

To be honest, the journaling and money habits I cultivated over the last few years have been amazing in my business. It has allowed me to live below my income and not feel overwhelmed with having to generate new client revenue all the time.

Y’all, I paid taxes!
With the support of my dear friend Nadia Anderson, CPA, I navigated paying quarterly taxes on my business income. It feels amazing to be at a place to have enough to pay these taxes.

Mindset – On a daily basis, I am working on my overall mindset. It would be easier to be negative and frustrated, but I am seeking out groups, opportunities and people who encourage me and support me in being my best.

Virtual Events

Some amazing creative ladies I know, Michelle Mercurio and Angela Prado, are hosting a Monday virtual meetup for business owners. The Brand Scene zoom calls are giving me life every Monday morning. If you’re a business owner, consider finding them on Facebook and signing up for the call.

To continue building relationships in my business, I have been hosting a virtual Small Business Owner meetup on Thursday mornings from 10:00am to 11:00am. Shoot me a note if you or another business owner you know would like to plug into some virtual networking.

Giving Back

I live in east end Union Hill neighborhood. Several small businesses are still open and as a household, we are aiming to order from or support two businesses per week.

I have also made donations to a local community organizer, Duron Chavis. He was laid off from his job at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens because of the COVID-19 Crisis, but swiftly pivoted to provide Resiliency Gardens to community members who have requested them. He and a team of volunteers are providing this for free.

If you are making a normal income, please consider finding a local business, artist, maker or community organization to support. 

Recent events

I hosted CreativeMornings/Richmond – Identity in March
Check out the Video of Michael-Birch Pierce’s talk

The CreativeMornings/Richmond team is hosting another virtual event on Friday, April 17 with the topic of Purpose with Sheila Battle. There are tickets still available if you’d like to join in!

Need some creativity or color in your life?

DIY Journal Kits – $35
For $35, each person will get a pre-cut cover, 5 sets of interior papers in blank white (you can choose up to 5 colored papers for section markers), a wooden or paper spine, one color of waxed thread and a darning needle.

If you’ve never made one of these before and want to get my instruction, I’m offering 2 virtual sessions where I can walk you through all of the steps. Reply to this email with your name, address and preferred contact info to claim yours!

Virtual Richmond Night Market

I launched my Spring ’20 Neon Collection at the April 11 Virtual Richmond Night Market experience. These are the strands still available.

I created a Spring ’20 Collection with lilacs, greens and turquoise colors. These are the strands still available from this line.

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to connect over a Zoom virtual meeting, please reach out.

My next virtual event:
Friday, April 17
CreativeMornings/Richmond – Purpose
This digital event has no cap on attendance. You can still register!

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