January 2020 Goals And Intentions

Dreaming about my year

Each January, I take a few weeks to migrate the content of my previous year’s Bullet Journal to the new one. If you’re not familiar with Bullet Journaling, it’s an analog system to organize things in your life. This video is a great overview.

As part of the process, I decide on a word of the year and try to envision my intentions for the year. To be honest, I haven’t set up my goals and intentions page but I know my word. It’s Abundance.

Word of the year

I am cultivating an abundant mindset to consistently take action toward what I want. If I believe there’s enough for me, I will consistently show up to claim it. I am also channeling that mindset for when I don’t get exactly what I want. I know that many times what I have is enough. I want to focus on abundance in 2020 to attract the right opportunities, people, clients, projects, speaking engagements, creativity and communities for my personal and business life.

Each work day, I have used my journal as a place for a creative exercise. I set up a spread or migrate information from my 2019 journal. It’s been a great way to start my day with intention and do some warm up work for my brain before jumping right into doing client work.

I’ve got some behind the scenes photos of my journal setup so far later down in this email.

January is also a good time for a personal reset so I’m doing my third Dry January, which is also part of a Whole30. Despite what people may say about this reset nutrition plan, I always feel amazing afterwards and I’m looking forward to the energy boost and clarity coming up in the next few days.

Upcoming Markets

Wednesday, December 11 – Orchard House Market

Saturday, December 14 – Richmond Night Market

Upcoming Classes
and Workshops

I’m teaming up with my accountant expert friend, Nadia the CPA to offer two workshops in early 2020 focused on money. We’re offering a weekend or weekday option and early bird tickets are on sale until Christmas.

DIY Money Visioning Class – Saturday, January 4

DIY Money Visioning Class – Tuesday, January 7

Behind the scenes: A look at my journal setup

Cheers to a great start to 2020!


Thanks for reading. If you’d like to connect in person, these are some of the places I’ll be.

January 15
Rebelle Vision Board Workshop

January 17
CreativeMornings/Richmond – Roots

January 23
Rebelle Member Meetup at The Broad

January 24
DIY Journal Workshop at Mobelux

January 28
Rebelle Breadwinners Panel

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