Day 1 Being Boss Clubhouse

Today begins a 2-day intensive webinar about business goal-setting, habits, boundaries and processes that creative entrepreneurs can use to grow successful businesses.

The webinar and year-long masterclass / resource area is designed for creatives who want to launch their business, side hustle, art or creative endeavor in a Boss way. Turning a hobby or creative pursuit into a legit business model.

It’s the biggest financial investment I’ve made in my own learning since college. As a Creative Director over the last year in a division of a creative agency, I have learned so much but the more I’ve learned the more I realize I don’t know about business. I found the Being Boss Podcast in response to trying to sort out the chaos I was operating in daily…not having much structure and methodology around what I was doing when I first began. Each episode that I listened to seemed to be created just for me. A question I was having, problems I was noticing or little project or client frustrations were addressed almost on a weekly basis by these awesome ladies – Emily & Kathleen. They were generous with their knowledge, openly sharing techniques, tips, tricks, failures and successes that made the business side of creativity real for me.

After a year or more of listening, I have decided to jump in with them and see where it leads. I feel like they’ve been my personal mentors from afar. The podcast topics, minisodes and visioning worksheets have been a light and a source of strength for me as I’ve tried to navigate this new role.

Last night was like going to sleep on Christmas Eve. That sounds a bit woo woo, but I’m looking forward to a magical 2 days with them. And I absolutely LOVE the fact that this process does not promise results of any kind. It only promises to hold each of us accountable for the work we are expected to do as bad ass boss ladies. I know this is not a quick fix or a one-time solution for my questions or problems. But it is a process that I can work through to get results if I put in the time and effort it takes.

I’m in a place where I want to work smarter not harder. The Being Boss Clubhouse is a step in that direction.

There are so many things I want to do as a result of this process. Be a better Creative Director. Be able to sell more high-budget jobs. Be able to explain my value and my skillset to a potential client so they’re excited to work with me. Be able to manage my freelance design clients and workflow better. Be able to monetize and focus some on glass cassting work. Perhaps part of this process will be to get realistic about what I can actually do and what I WANT to do with my time.

Being on the other side of 35 has made me feel like this is the time I need to do this so I can take my creative talents to a new level sooner than later.

Super excited to begin this journey in just a little over an hour. Eeeeee!

Thanks RiRi for the warmup music!

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