September 2021 Newsletter

In September, things got personal.

Last month was so busy! These are a few things I got into:

  • I took a 10-day vacation to St. Augustine, Florida with my partner
  • I celebrated my birthday on the beach and got engaged
  • I crossed the 6-figure mark in my business
  • I held my first in-person networking event with Richmond Curious in over a year
  • I met a virtual design friend, Gabrielle Blades from Blades Creative in real life for the first time
  • I visited a client in Michigan, drove across the state to visit their locations and got treated to a sail
  • I attended a secluded design conference, Design Ranch, in the hill country of Texas for a long weekend of recharging and creativity

But what about work? I worked on branding for a food concept and a strategic marketing company, Canva templates for a local event space, WordPress website training for a financial client, a brand transition plan and strategy for a home improvement company, a government grant program website, a Statement of Qualifications template for an environmental remediation client, WordPress website maintenance for a local non-profit, menu boards for a restaurant, wardrobe styling for a photography partner and releasing a client.

That’s right, I said releasing a client.

It was a nerve-wracking decision, but after numerous red flags and feeling like I was being bullied, I decided it was better for my sanity to hand over design files and process a refund. The client tried not to take no for an answer and continued to try to coerce me to keep working on the project.

However, the rest of my clients model appreciative and kind behavior so I knew I needed to release this client in order to make more room for folks who respect and appreciate me.

Money celebration

I have fully implemented Profit First in my business bank account and did my first monthly reconciling with all of the accounts.

My business remains profitable and I have crossed the 6-figure threshold in my top line business revenue.

If you are new to the list, you may not know that I started the year unprofitable, which led to my hiring a business coach. Since then she has worked with me to be more profitable and to continue to evolve my business in ways that support my thriving. I’m so glad I invested with her.

New client website and launch!

A designer friend referred me to the team at Rebuild VA to support the design of their standalone Squarespace website. The content was embedded under the governor’s website but needed to be pulled out separately and made more visual.

The client and I worked together to get all of the information onto separate pages that made sense to a user. We collaborated on ways to make the information more visually appealing and to break the pages into sections for an easier way to digest the wealth of information.

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to connect over a quick discovery call, please grab a spot on my calendar.

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