Operation Upgrade, Day ?

After a somewhat shitty year – more on that later – I am resuming my operation upgrade to get a new website up and running. In the time that’s passed between the last attempt and today, WordPress has upgraded to something called blocks and I’m pretty effin’ confused.

I recreated some previously-started pages through Visual Composer but the old way of working on the back end with WordPress is gone. At least in my install of the theme and version of WordPress. Ahh, technology. Ever-changing, ever-evolving.

It’s the first day of 2019. We’re doing Whole30 in my house and I’ve got some plans and intentions in my head.

Some of those intentions:
• complete Whole30 and blog about my experience
• get this website launched in the next week
• get an ideal schedule and stick to it (one that includes my job, my studio time, my workout/self-care time and CreativeMornings time)
• travel more this year
• refuse plasticware
• eat at home more
• use less to-go coffee cups – actually keep up with and use my reusable mug
• be more ME!
• continue simplifying and decluttering at home
• digitally back things up and declutter all the things – Google, Dropbox, laptop, desktop
• own more of my own content by posting less on social media and posting more to my own website and linking to that content through other platforms
• consume all of the creative/business inspiration I can get! Including Being Boss, Don’t Keep Your Day Job, Live Free Creative
• collaborate more with people I admire, respect and feel inspired by



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