My first newsletter, November 2019

Hey y’all…

I am sending this out to the folks who have worked with me or supported me in some way in my first 60 days of business, or folks who have expressed interest in keeping up with me in this new endeavor. I’ll send one or two updates per month at most.

In the last couple months, I have been more active, created more things, taught more and spent more time with my sweet cats. You can see what I’ve created and see some cat pics below.

Handmade necklaces

I create these custom tassels and select a color scheme to explore with each set. Find me at the next Richmond Night Market on December 14 to grab one for yourself or as a holiday gift.

Handmade books

I carry a full-sized DIY Journal with me everywhere, but I’ve started to create mini versions and have stocked two stores with handmade books. Shout out to Merrymaker Fine Paper and Midtown Printing!

DIY Journal Workshops

In this 3-hour experience, you create your own custom, handmade journal using a variety of colored interior papers, a heavy paper cover and wooden or paper spine. Join us December 1 if you’d like to make with me!



Color Obsessions

I’ll be sharing updates on color science, art, innovation, technology and things I’m learning about related to color that are interesting or new – to me.

To the left is a close up photo of my iris. This advertising project from 2014 captured the interesting shapes and colors that make up irises, and was developed by Brandcenter grad, Brittany Heit.

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