June 2021 Newsletter

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What month is it?

Can you believe we’re already into the 3rd Quarter?

Two women standing next to each other posing for picture.June flew by and I am trying to celebrate and integrate my own personal successes and those of my friends. I have been conditioned to dismiss and deflect praise and pride in my own achievements, so I’m working to celebrate and own those things as I evolve and my business evolves. I have to take a moment to celebrate my friend and client Nadia Anderson’s purchase of her commercial building. Lavender Hill will be a Black-owned coworking space and the headquarters for her multiple businesses (Nadia Anderson, CPAVirginia Grace Events). I am in awe of her achievements and simply love being in her company. Nadia does the most. In all the best ways. I admire her ability to envision what she wants and then make it happen. Stay tuned for how this space evolves and grows.

As my ankle injury has healed (indoor volleyball incident in May) I have gotten back to walking and working out on a regular basis. This has been a tough break from sports – I miss seeing all my volleyball friends and my absolute favorite thing is spending all day playing sand doubles at the beach. But as I learn to listen to my body more, I am giving it the time it needs to heal versus rushing back out there. I also recently signed up for a free account with Team Body Project.

I discovered a free workout of theirs while doing a YouTube search. I am practicing imperfect action in my movement and workout time. My college athlete brain has an all or nothing mentality (if I don’t work out for 2 hours or lift really heavy weights I might as well not do it) but I am evolving my thinking to appreciate any kind of workout – even if it has to be short. The folks in the workouts look normal – not like fitness models – and one of the trainers is a total goof ball so it is entertaining to hear his commentary.

Building with mural on it of Black child that reads "We dream of a world where all youth are free?"Other highlights:

  • I was invited onto another podcast! I spoke with Kristin Zucaro, a coach and networking contact of mine through my Small Business Owner virtual group.
  • One of my clients had a slight freak-out because of internal and personal pressures – but with the help of the client team we shifted priorities to produce what he was looking for. This is HUGE for me – as I reflect on the types of clients I’m working with now. They all have a common trait of being respectful and honest. It was an uncomfortable situation, but at no time was my character under attack from this client. In the past, that is not the experience I have had so it feels like a breakthrough.
  • My shop less experiment is going well – and my business coach sent me some amazing earrings to celebrate our work together so I don’t mind it as much.
  • With the help of two fellow business owners, clients and friends – Jevata Herman and Nadia Anderson – I met with Mayor Stoney at City Hall and his team to discuss how to make permitting and licensing less of a hassle for Richmond City businesses. We had a promising conversation and are cautiously optimistic.

Other goals for 2021:
Continuing to build my community and network – our Small Business Owner virtual group is thriving and creating connections that keep expanding. I am so thankful for this group!

Zoom call with multiple members.

Learning and reading more about business – I’m in a StartUp Virginia Entrepreneurship Course through the MBL and brushing up on my knowledge of sales, marketing, and finances.

Learning more about racial and social justice – I completed a full year of my Racial Affinity Group and feel much better equipped to discuss and respond to issues of race and equity. My original group dissolved but I’m searching for a new one to join.

Continuing the practice of being a white ally to Black folks and other People of Color – I am serving on the board of By Black Richmond and practicing the core value of buying Black first whenever possible. I am rooting for everybody Black. If this makes you uncomfortable, I would ask that you examine your discomfort as to why. For me, even stating anything like this would have gotten me called a bad word in my small town. I have an idea of what drove the name-calling back then, but I won’t assume to know everyone’s heart.
It has not always been comfortable to say or practice because I was conditioned in a white supremacist environment where white folks were seen as the top and everybody else as second-class. Financial thriving is a core value of mine. Because I know the history of systemic denial of financial education and access to Black families and business owners, I want to take action against that. Buying Black first is a small intention and action I can take.

Graph with red on the left and green on the right.Coaching and accountability.
My coach Hailey Thomas of BrainSpace Optimized is the best. We’re working together for a second round of 6 months. She is expensive AF y’all. But worth it. I align with her coaching so much.
As of June, I just had my highest revenue month ever in business. Once all of my clients pay their bills for this past month, I will surpass my yearly income for 2020. I am well on my way to 6 figures this year.

I also have some big goals I am continuing to work on in this next engagement and I am excited to share one of them: Studio Fridays! I will begin to work from my art studio every Friday starting July 8. As I get back into making things in real life, I will share more on my Instagram.

Website Show & Tell

Two screenshots of a website before and after a rebrand.


  • This is a preview sneak peek of a Leadership Coach’s website I’m working on: Nailah Wagner came to me with a brand, but wanted a Squarespace website.
  • She mentioned she doesn’t like a boxy look, so we’ve been working on creating organic breaks within her site and creative edges on her imagery.

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to connect over a quick discovery call, please grab a spot on my calendar.

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