July 2021 Newsletter

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New photos, who this?

I have to shout out my branding photographer Sherkinna Hammond with S. Helena Photography who has started creating new branding photos with me this year. We have completed two of our three monthly shoots that I am using to update my website and to leverage in my marketing materials.

Ever wonder why you should invest in custom photos?
Besides the fact that you can write this off as a business expense, the below is my top 9 list of places I leverage my branded photos:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Social media marketing (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook Business, profile and weekly posts)
  3. Profile photos for being a podcast guest
  4. Website page headers
  5. My business cards
  6. Client thank you notes
  7. Speaker pitch media kit
  8. Business statement of qualifications or proposals
  9. Zoom profile image


I am a huge believer in authenticity so it is important that my clients and prospects see how I look today, in this season, with my current age and hair style (weight and wrinkles included!). I want people to feel as though they get to know me through my marketing before we actually meet. Having up to date photos helps contribute to that.

Are you saying “thank you” enough?

Box with a christmas themed wrappingOne of my core values in my business is gratitude – so I take the opportunity to thank and acknowledge my clients and referral partners often. One of my preferred ways to do that is through Greetabl. I’m so excited that I’m now an affiliate for Greetabl. If you’re interested in signing up for their platform, please use my link and they will send me perks and referral benefits for anyone who uses the service.

As we approach the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s season, are you planning anything to thank the folks who have helped build your business? If you need a hand with custom branding on your boxes, I have been helping clients create their own versions to send to clients.

If you become one of my clients, you’ll see my personalized Greetabl box designs where I include some of my branded photography.

If a custom box is not your style, I have a recent client who decided to send custom thank you notes to their best past clients and referral partners after a company transition. The goal is to make it crystal clear what company to reach out to and how to get the services they need. With my environmental services client, we created a multi-pronged campaign that includes a digital and a print component.

Hand holding a thank you card with large text.

Happy client and pissed off client

This review says it all! So excited to create this type of experience for my clients.

5-Star Yelp Review from a Shapes&Colors client.But what about the pissed off client? Well, this month I had a tough conversation with a client who felt neglected and like their work was not moving at the pace they would like. The client requested a quick call, we hopped on the phone and they expressed clearly what they were disappointed with and unhappy about. It was one of the most uncomfortable conversations I have had. And it reflected that I was creating an experience the person did NOT enjoy.

I thanked this client for taking time out of their day to share truth with me. What this showed me is that I have to be more careful about my scheduling and that I have to leave more room for when schedules do not go as planned. It also showed me that I have cultivated a list of clients who are mature, honest and direct. Nothing about this conversation was mean-spirited or nasty. The person clearly expressed how they felt and asked for my input on how things might get back on track. I could not have asked for a better experience with someone who was disappointed in my process.

I am so thankful for attracting clients like this and it gives me the energy and passion to continue cultivating my client experience and operations in better and better ways.

Money celebration!

Graph with red on small portion of left side and green on the right.After taking a look at my revenue chart in July, I realized I have officially passed my total revenue for 2020.

I’m doing a little happy dance over here and cannot be more thrilled to see where the numbers will be at year’s end.

After participating in the initial Profit First account setup since December, this month I am officially setting up the remaining accounts to fully leverage the Profit First system. I have brought on a part-time contractor temporarily but am preparing my business and operations to support a full-time employee within the next 6 months or so.

Brand brands and more brands!

  • This month I have found myself working on an abundance of brands for clients including a new co-working space, a food truck, an artist brand, a PT practice and a communications firm.
  • As soon as I have approval on the final marks, I will share our results!

Booking now for end of 2021 projects!

  • The end of the year will be here before we know it and I am booking up my fall really quickly. If you or someone you know wants to create or launch something in 2021, they should reach out to start a conversation now.
  • Websites and brands tend to take between 2 and 4 months and I am likely ending my work year around December 15.
  • If you or someone you know needs something launched this year, reach out soon! Even if it’s not me that you work with, talking to your marketing partner sooner than later helps plan for the busiest season of the year – which tends to be around the holidays for creative services since everyone is trying to clear year end budgets and cross off yearly goals.

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to connect over a quick discovery call, please grab a spot on my calendar.

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