New Year, January 2021 Newsletter

It’s 2021! I’m ready.

The early part of the year is always a favorite time for me. I create a new paper journal, set it up for the year and do tons of reflecting and intention-setting. I gave up a while ago on the “new year, new you” expectation…but I do take advantage of the energy around this time to begin taking consistent action toward what I want. It’s usually not wildly different from the previous year, but I can often reset and recommit to actions that help make a difference.

I usually participate in Dry January, and in the last 3 years I have also participated in the January Whole30. This go round, I am doing 45 days to reset on nutrition goals. I’ve also started training for the sand volleyball season with a program from my old VCU Strength & Conditioning Coach, Tim Kontos with Kontos Strength.

What I am committing to for 2021 that makes me feel successful:

Exercising regularly.
Competing in volleyball.
Continuing to build my community and network.
Learning more about business.
Reading more about business.
Selling work I’m proud of.
Onboarding clients I value and respect.
Working with people who value and respect me.
Collaborating with amazing partners.
Learning more about racial and social justice.
Continuing the practice of being a white ally to Black folks and other People of Color.
Coaching and accountability.

I joined the Metropolitan Business League last January and have been listed as a preferred service provider for local businesses who have qualified for a RebuildVA grant. I have begun working with two businesses so far who need a hand on a brand cleanup and help with their websites. If you follow along on my Facebook Business page, you’ll see more about them as the work is completed.

Want your own DIY Journal for 2021? Let’s get crafty!

I am hosting a Sunday afternoon DIY Journal Workshop January 31. In person. I have tons of space if you’re up for attending (masks required). To register or see more details:

2021 Word of the Year

As I considered how I would move forward into 2021, I had no idea what to pick for my word of the year. But then my business coach Hailey Thomas with BrainSpace Optimized used this word with me in our coaching session that felt a little scary, but in a good way.

Beacona person or thing that warns, guides or offers support, sometimes in a high or prominent position

Beacons use light to share a message. Beacons attract what is meant for them.

As I head into this year, I want to live in a way that aligns with my values, encourage other creatives to pursue what lights them up and be a great resource for my business clients and community.

Can I gush about my Coach for a minute?

I met my business coach Hailey Thomas with BrainSpace Optimized through the Rebelle network about 2 years ago. I have continued to follow her and have gotten so much out of her free content.

This January, I was considering hiring a coach and she was a natural choice for me. I love her delivery and demeanor. Her energy level is always calming.

As I have learned more about her over the last 24 months, I discovered that she had experienced similar grief and loss in her life, she was a middle blocker on her college volleyball team and she loves to celebrate client wins with dancing and rap music – all things I can relate to.

Hailey is coaching me refine my offer, describe what I do to attract my ideal clients and intentionally grow my business in a way that feels aligned with my vision. I can’t wait to celebrate our wins together!

What I am learning as a business owner

  • How to manage
  • How to say no
  • How to protect my energy and sanity
  • How to figure out all these friggin’ taxes!
  • How to issue 1099s
  • How to stay nimble and open to opportunity while focusing on what is working
  • How to leverage my network to learn what I don’t know

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to chat about an upcoming project, please fill out this form on my website to get started.

I am booking website and rebrand clients for March 2021. I always appreciate your referrals.

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