Ending Q1 with a bang – March 2021 Newsletter

Strolling past the first quarter.

This month, I attended my first CreativeMornings/Richmond event as a teammate. It was wonderful! Michelle Mercurio has stepped into hosting this community and I know we are all in very capable hands!

Other highlights

  • I signed my first Marketing Partnership Client.
  • I got my first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. (after attending an educational webinar produced by the MBL)
  • I sold lots of handmade journals at a pop up in Ashland. (I’ll be in Carytown on April 25 if you want colorful paper goods in your life!)
  • I have continued to buy less and focus on experiences.
  • I am learning more about the concept of calorie deficits thanks to a trainer and author I follow – James Smith. I personally love his goal to spread less BS about fitness and to equip his clients with science-based truth vs. fluff marketing. Fair warning: he’s pretty direct and can be controversial / vulgar, so if that’s not your thing, don’t look him up.

How are my other commitments going? Some of them are listed below with updates.

Onboarding clients I value and respect.
My community is full of folks with big goals and aspirations. Luckily, I get to work with some of the most passionate, talented and skilled providers. Their work ethic and talent inspire me daily.

Working with people who value and respect me.
As I am changing my service model, it is so flattering to see folks willing to shift and grow with me. Each week I have conversations with solo entrepreneurs or owners of growing businesses who want to work with me…and since I’ve gotten busier, they are willing to wait. This used to make me so anxious to have to tell people, “Yes, but not right now.” The folks who value what I do enough, happily wait. It is such a high compliment.

Collaborating with amazing partners.
Kim Brundage is one of my favorite and one of the most talented partners in my network. Kim had a recent headshot party where I helped wardrobe style and she’ll be back in town again in June. Watch this page if you’re ready to get some amazing professional shots. Headshot parties usually sell out.

Learning more about racial and social justice.
I recently watched, I Am Not Your Negro on Amazon Prime and learned more about the writer James Baldwin. He was a contemporary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcom X. I have heard his name, but not known much about him. His words and his expression through the film (in clips from interviews and debates) struck me so deeply. One analogy that he used was that America has been mistreating its sons and daughters of color for generations. I will not do his words justice, but I encourage everyone who hasn’t seen the documentary to watch and learn. And try to understand the perspective of Black folks a little more if this is not something you would normally do.

Continuing the practice of being a white ally to Black folks and other People of Color.
I am still absorbing what I saw in the film so in all honesty, I am not sure what I am “doing” as a result of learning more in this moment. I know that I want to operate a business with respect and integrity toward my Black and Brown clients. I have also heard that as white folks, we can’t really declare that we’re an ally…it’s something we have to demonstrate and earn in the eyes of folks we’re aiming to support. So I’ll continue working on earning it and hopefully my friends and clients of color will feel seen and supported.

Coaching and accountability.
My coach Hailey Thomas is a total rockstar and she makes me feel like I can do anything. Q1 went from not profitable to profitable. And my goal is to continue that upward trajectory.

Client Feature!

I need to tell y’all about my brilliant friend and client, Nadia Anderson. We planned her marketing calendar in late 2020 to create an attraction model where she could share her passion for teaching along with her subject matter expertise.

She kicked off 2021 with a monthly educational series for both her CPA business and event planning business. This week, (Wednesday, April 1) she is offering a paid workshop for QuickBooks training at a fraction of the cost of what she charges one-on-one. This is a MUST for any business owner struggling through QuickBooks or wondering if their DIY accounting is being done right. Please share this resource with any business owner or entrepreneur who might need the support.


  • I have to say thanks to anyone who refers a friend or family member my way. Each week, I meet new people who want work done and I know my community is a big part of that referral engine.
  • For anyone who has ever purchased a handmade book from me, I so appreciate it! You can see my latest books listed on Etsy.

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to chat about an upcoming project, please fill out this form on my website to get started.

I am booking website and rebrand clients for July 2021. I always appreciate your referrals.

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