April 2021 Newsletter

Jolinda (on the left) speaking with another woman (on the right) on a gray couch in a brick room.

Keeping my commitments

As the weather turns warmer, it’s been harder and harder to stay indoors past 4pm. Sand volleyball is in full swing and more people are heading out to do things in real life, off of Zoom.

I have been finding it challenging to balance new inquiries, current client commitments and folks who want to begin work while I am at full capacity.

However, most of the folks I’ve attracted to my business are gracious, kind, understanding and realize that they are working with a human being, not a robot. I am to be fast, responsive, on or ahead of deadline most of the time. But sometimes life doesn’t work that way.

I just want to acknowledge those folks who stick with me, offer kindness and support and offer grace when I don’t show up how I would like to sometimes. I am excited that I have the help of an Executive Assistant each month who is helping me with all sorts of tasks to keep my business operating at a high level.

Other highlights

  • I signed my second Marketing Partnership Client.
  • A client fired me. (this might become a blog someday)
  • I got my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. My Dad got his first dose!
  • My shop less experiment is going really well and my savings/debt ratio continues to move in the right direction.
  • I have created a new offering to help businesses with their Google My Business listing – either setting it up from scratch or consulting with them on how to leverage this better to show up in local search.
  • I have a waitlist that continues to grow as I clear my existing client deliverables and launches.
  • Chatting with a recent referral prospect, she complimented my website look, feel and language – YES! She said it spoke to her and helped her know that I would be the type of partner she’d like to work with.

How are my other commitments going? Some of them are listed below with updates.

Exercising regularly.
I have been consistent, not perfect, with my workouts and meal tracking. In the last week alone, several folks have commented on my fit appearance. I don’t feel that different, but the little things are adding up to create results.

Jolinda (left) and another volleyball player (right) on beach volleyball court posing for picture.Competing in volleyball.
I played in a recent sand volleyball tournament and beat some teenagers. Y’all they are REALLY good teenagers, so it made me feel great to hang with them.

Continuing to build my community and network.
My network sent me 6 referrals this month of people I had never met. Thank you to my Small Business Owner Networking Group, Being Boss, & Rebelle.

Richmond Curious, the in-person networking event based out of Gather Arts, is going to be restarting next month and I’m so excited to talk to strangers again!

Learning more about business.
I re-enrolled in a personal brand building course that I love. I am digging deeper into how I show up as the leader of my brand. I am also working to apply more consistent branded language across all of my platforms and to be an authentic branding and attraction model marketing expert for my clients.

I also enrolled in an SEO for Web Designers course to brush up on my skills and knowledge.

Reading more about business.
Seth Godin has been in heavy rotation lately.

Selling work I’m proud of. This recent client statement says it all:

Client Statement for Shapes&Colors

Graph with red on left below axis and green on right above axis.Coaching and accountability.

My coach Hailey Thomas of BrainSpace Optimized is a total rockstar and she makes me feel like I can do anything. I have had consistent 5-figure months since we course corrected earlier this year (that sad downward red triangle HAD to go). Hailey has helped me learn and grow in my mindset, my actions and my operations as a business owner.

Website Show & Tell

  • I met Cindy and Amiri Richardson-Keys, the husband and wife duo who operate The ARTS Community Center through their participation in a marketing grant for The Metropolitan Business League.
  • They had an existing Wix website but didn’t love the way it looked. The brand needed a cleanup and the registration process seemed complicated and not user friendly.
  • Once we created a digital version of their hand-painted logo, we worked on building out important web pages and getting more visuals onto their site that tell their story – these included images of their space, their staff and themselves!
  • I absolutely loved partnering with Cindy and Amiri and cannot wait to see how their updated website will help with their client attraction and intake workflow for the center.


Thanks for reading. If you’d like to connect over a quick discovery call, please grab a spot on my calendar.

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