Web design

Industry Experience

I made my first Geocities website in the 90s and from there built sites for small business owners, growing teams and corporate clients. So you can say I have lots of experience helping companies create a home on the internet – their website. Once we’re done, my clients are proud to invite their customers over and attract better qualified prospects because their website does some of the work for them. My experience in WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix = you get a website you can use & understand.

My Ideal Clients

My ideal clients want to partner with me to build their website, and then set up or refine their marketing discipline to see dividends over time. If you’d rather have an order-taker, check out Fiverr. But if you want a partner, let’s talk.

If you’re ready to begin, head over to check out how I work. As long as my process and offerings are a match for your needs, fill out the contact form and I’ll be in touch soon!

Website Platforms

Whether you need a complete website from scratch, or simply want to refresh or update what you have, I offer a variety of service options.

I have extensive experience creating WordPress, theme-based websites that won’t crash with every new update. However, many business websites can be built much more simply on Squarespace, Wix or Weebly (platforms that handle all those updates for you).

If your website is a digital business card or a place for folks to “check you out” after they’ve met you or received your proposal, I can make what you need. However if you need e-commerce or custom coding (most business owners I meet don’t), I am not the right fit.

A website you can understand

I promise to help you find the right solution and understand what you are getting, even if you ultimately don’t decide to work with me. Seriously, if another designer or agency gives you a proposal that you can’t understand, I will help you read through it to make sure you know what you’re buying.

Website Portfolio

I have helped businesses on WordPress upgrade, edit, maintain and change their WordPress themes or plugins. I also help clients who need someone to build landing pages, make program or service page updates and create new graphics for their websites.

Owners and marketing managers with Squarespace websites have reached out for help. I have designed new pages, added new staff, created product pages and refreshed the home page.

Small business clients of mine who are on Wix or Weebly have come to me for support in revising, redesigning, evolving or completely changing the look of their websites. They still have the freedom to make edits on their own, but they want a professional design aesthetic that’s a level up from their first DIY website.

Salomon & Ludwin website design inside computer monitor on a desk
WordPress, theme-based website design. After completing a brand and color scheme refresh, this financial investment firm updated their website to reflect their current team and strengths. I support edits, page creation and maintenance of this client website.
Girls For A Change website, Black History and Women's History Month landing page on a desktop computer screen
WordPress, theme-based website. I began working with this Richmond area non-profit to support keeping their existing WordPress website up to date. I helped with a calendar page, programs landing page, special event landing pages and general website updates and maintenance.
Environmental Resources Group website in a desktop computer screen
This established environmental consulting and remediation firm needed to find a new website partner. Their existing Squarespace website had some unfinished pages and needed some updates and edits. I worked with the existing site, refreshing layouts, adding descriptions and keywords and cleaning up parts of the site that were not functioning.
WordPress, theme-based website design. After completing a rebrand, this contracting company updated their website to reflect their current service model. I support edits, page creation and maintenance of this client website as well as their print marketing materials.
Virginia Grace Events website inside of a desktop computer
Weebly website creation for an event management client who had just completed a rebrand. We made a new site to leverage the updated brand and migrate her site from WordPress to Weebly, where she already had another business website. By doing so, she had fewer places to manage.