Whole30 – Day 3

My first networking lunch on Whole30 – lame. Mixed greens with no dressing (I forgot Green Sauce!) and grilled asparagus with almond slivers and sesame seeds.

Day 3. What’s up.

Not so hard so far. I’ve committed to this thing so I’m just doing it. Taking time to prep meals and get things packed before I head into work. I have lots of dishes to wash, which is a bummer. But I haven’t spent ANY money out on food, which is a totally new thing for me. I’m usually hitting up a breakfast or coffee place a few times a week.

I mentioned to the man friend last night that I’m not even that hungry feeling. It’s like my body knows I can only have leafy greens and it’s like, “Nah, I’m good. We had that earlier.” We’re not supposed to weigh ourselves on this plan but I have a feeling if I’m eating like this for another 27 days, some weight has to come off. I’m usually face deep in a giant bowl of pad thai and giving no effs about the serving size. So these really modest portions of actual produce and simple ingredients are filling me up it seems.

My coworker is on Whole30 too so we can at least decline the same stuff when someone brings treats.

Observations so far:

  • I feel full most of the time and not starving to get to my next meal
  • I enjoy the taste of all of these fresh and well-seasoned meals so far – it doesn’t seem like I’ve given anything up at this point
  • I’m saving a ton of cash having to prep and cook everything
  • I feel relatively clear-headed and motivated…which could be the whole first week of 2019 woo! thing but we’ll see

Going strong. Ready to crush it. Tomorrow night starts the weekend. Whole30 Jesus, be a fence.

Day 3 Breakfast

scrambled eggs with spinach and mixed veggies, topped with fresh salsa + black coffee

Day 3 Lunch #1

mixed greens with beet strings and tomatoes, grilled asparagus with almonds and sesame seeds

Day 3 Lunch #2

leftovers – lean turkey, mixed frozen veggies, serrano pepper, garlic, red pepper sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce, salt, pepper, cumin & cinnamon on a bed of mixed spinach and mustard greens, topped with magic green sauce

Day 3 Snack

almond butter, blueberries, olives

Day 3 Supper

grilled and seasoned chicken thigh (herbs & garlic), sweet potato with ghee, roasted carrots, fresh salsa and green sauce. not pictured: half a grapefruit.

All These Mahfuggin’ Dishes

Seriously…so many!

Progress on Whole30

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