Whole30 – Days 0, 1 & 2

My first lunch/snack on Whole30 – blueberries, almond butter and olives.

After lots of discussion about doing Whole30 in January, the man friend and I committed to it. I figured I could do it since last January we participated in Dry January (sober January) and felt energized, clear-headed and accomplished with the turning of the new year and committing to a health goal.

To me, a vital part of getting this rolling was the day-before prep. I read all of the steps from the website and especially paid attention to the list of supplies they suggested stocking up on. We made a grocery list and went to Hot Kroger (the one where the most missed connections come from). My mind was BLOWN by how many items are prepared with sugar as the first ingredient or unpronounceable ingredients that are also processed sugar or sugar derivatives. Ew. That was an education all on its own.

Our cart looked surprisingly similar to what we normally buy on a grocery trip. I’ve been on a less-processed-food eating journey for several years now and my man friend is a strength coach so he eats pretty clean anyway. When we got home, we also noticed some of our favorite things to eat and make, Magic Green Sauce and Fresh Salsa, are ok on Whole30.

Our total damage was $130 and so far we’ve been eating the veggies and greens consistently with each meal so hopefully we’ll use it all up and have less waste.

My first challenge came today at a happy hour meeting. My friend ordered the best smelling red wine and two happy hour apps. Nothing had ingredients listed so I stuck with water, soda water with lime. I had a couple small tastes from the corners of his grilled salmon – being careful not to grab anything other than the fish.

Certain food groups (like sugar, grains, dairy and legumes) could be having a negative impact on your health and fitness without you even realizing it.


Over the next 28 days, I’m attempting to document our meals and my experience with Whole30 to get into the habit and practice of blogging and to document any aha moments that might be useful after this 30 day experience.

Day 1 Lunch

almond butter, olives and blueberries

Day 1 Supper

bison, mixed peppers, garlic, cumin and cinnamon on a bed of spinach, topped with magic green sauce, roasted herb-seasoned carrots on the side

Day 2 Breakfast

black coffee, fried eggs and magic green sauce

Day 2 Lunch

black coffee, grilled and seasoned chicken thigh (herbs & garlic), sweet potato with ghee

Day 2 Supper

lean turkey, mixed frozen veggies, serrano pepper, garlic, red pepper sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce, salt, pepper, cumin & cinnamon on a bed of mixed spinach and mustard greens, topped with magic green sauce

Progress on Whole30

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