Whole30 – Day 5

The first time I’ve made tomato sauce from scratch. So tasty! Large tomatoes and grape tomatoes cooked down and simmered with garlic, red onion, basil and mushrooms. I have to say I’m pretty proud of this.

Day 5. I feel like we crushed it!

We got up early to help a search group find a friend’s dog so we scarfed down some friend eggs and green sauce with black coffee. While out we encountered a major challenge. The awesome search group was very generous in providing breakfast-y foods and snacks – which included apples, bananas, hot chocolate, donuts and homemade cookies and brownies. They looked so good. I can’t lie. But I grabbed a banana and apple and walked away from the table.

Once we’d put in a couple of hours of driving and searching we headed back into the city, stopping to grab a black coffee from Starbucks using a gift card I had.

I snacked on my apple while we ran errands and we picked up some olive oil kettle chips with salt. No bad ingredients in these…and we each stuck to the serving size of about 13 chips. We weren’t sure these were approved and put the bag into our trunk for the return trip. Now that I’m looking at the rules again, we goofed! No chips. That makes sense. All of the chips we had in our house before Whole30 were tortilla chips of some kind. Guess we’ll have to let those chips stay sealed. Or make our own with potatoes.

Once we got home, we started on supper – zucchini and squash noodles with shrimp. What a great meal! I decided to try making my own red sauce for this one and can’t believe how tasty, fresh and relatively easy this was to make. I chalk this up to learning to make my own hummus…I can’t believe I’ve never done this before!

While I cooked the sauce, noodles and shrimp, the man friend baked piles of shredded sweet potatoes and carrots, seasoned with several different flavor combinations and some olive or sesame oil.

We were so hungry after cooking for several hours that the final plated meal did not make it for a photo op. Neither did my late night snack of dates and cashews.


Observations from the day:

  • Running around without pre-made snacks is super hard on Whole30. We stopped into a little country store gas station and not a single thing in the store was fresh or unprocessed. How sad!
  • Cooking more = creating more fun things in the kitchen. I discovered that I love fresh-made red sauce and look forward to making more again soon.
  • Being a little hangry and out all day leads to mess ups – like buying chips that don’t have bad ingredients in the label but are totally not approved for Whole30!
  • The way this earth and our bodies have been perfectly aligned with colorful foods and spices that naturally grow out of the dirt that make our bodies feel great – wow – what a testament to a creator or higher power! I had this revelation while looking at all of the raw ingredients in my kitchen. All those colors and shapes and flavors – and they are here for US to eat. And the most abundant substance on this planet, sea water, has the ingredient (salt) that allows for all of these colorful foods to taste even better to us. Whoa.
  • For real tho, who is going to open a Whole30 restaurant?! 5 days in and I’m so tired of cooking and cleaning my kitchen.


Day 5 Breakfast

scrambled eggs with onions and garlic, topped with green sauce, black coffee

Day 5 Snack #1

Epic bars. Venison and lamb.

Day 5 Snack #2

Crispy apple.

Day 5 Snack #3

Chips. No bad ingredients listed, but NOT Whole30 approved. But we were hangry and making bad decisions!

Day 5 Supper

Homemade red sauce with red onion, garlic, mushrooms and basil, zucchini and squash noodles, shrimp, shredded and baked carrot and sweet potatoes and home fried sweet potatoes and carrots with ghee.

Day 5 Snack

Dates and salted cashew halves

Progress on Whole30

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