Whole30 – Day 4

Day 4 breakfast: fried egg and potatoes with fruit.


Day 4 on Whole30. Energy levels are fine. I am not really having cravings for junk food and for the most part have some mental clarity throughout my day. We went back to work this week, where I’m usually counting down the minutes till lunch and trying not to pound coffee all day – loaded with creamer – and I have felt much less anxious about meals and coffee.

It seems like I’ve been sleeping a bit better too, which could be getting enough rest over break, but perhaps it’s the food.

I am drinking as much water as I had been just not quite feeling as hungry throughout the day overall. We have treats at home in the freezer from another coworker – these awesome dark truffle balls – and I’m not having fantasies about them. Which is a new thing for me and chocolate. I normally crave it every day.

At the end of the evening on day 4, I did get the munchies for a snack. We usually have greek yogurt, fresh ground peanut butter and dark chocolate chips. Instead, I had 2 dates and some salted cashew halves.

First weekend night finished!

I did have a craving leaving work – a vision of a glass of wine when I got home. But we don’t have wine in the house and the tequila in our bottom cabinet is not even trying to call to me. Seltzer water ftw.

Day 4 Breakfast

fried egg, fried potatoes with red peppers and onion, black coffee, grapes, strawberries, pineapple

Day 4 Lunch

leftover turkey with mixed vegetables, roasted carrots, sweet potato with ghee

Day 4 Snack

almond butter, blueberries, olives

Day 4 Supper

leftovers – 2 grilled and seasoned chicken thighs (herbs & garlic), sweet potato with ghee, roasted carrots

Day 4 Snack

dates and salted cashew halves

Progress on Whole30

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