Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting with a glass mentor and teacher who first introduced me to casting back in 2000. She was teaching at VCU when I was exploring other arts outside of my Illustration program.

I recently finished a class with her where I made things like this and this.

In one of the last classes, she mentioned needing to edit her website and not being able to access her site and not being able to get in touch with the person who set it up originally.

I have a kiln that needs to be fired more and I’d feel more comfortable doing that with more guidance on kiln programming.

We can help each other in both areas so my first artist website consultation got started tonight. So excited to begin helping a working, talented artist create her new web presence.

The clarity has come in the last few days in what services I’d like to offer to clients for my personal, individual work. It’s going to be focused on illustration and glass commissions with design and brand work for clients in the categories of art, music or education.

This first artist that I’m working with is not in a rush, is appreciative of my services and is open and willing to get my consultation on how we will set up and create her new site. I don’t feel rushed or pressured and prefer to work in this way at all times. It’s a situation that every full-time job I’ve ever had does not create.

I’m hopeful that in working with this client, I can create a repeatable process for working with artists in need of a website and work through that process for myself and my own new site.

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