Strategic Brand Design and Implementation

Sure, a newbie or a “guy from craigslist” would be cheaper, but you won’t get the same results.

Working with an experienced designer isn’t cheap, but it’s worth the investment to get it right without the hassle.

My story

I have owned my business since 2009, working on a few projects a year. In September 2019, I began the adventure of working for myself full time. I have worked in both corporate in-house marketing departments and in a small creative agency.

Woman in a business jacket, smiling and standing in front of a colorful muralMy passion is to help business owners use visual communication to make their companies or their marketing work better. My skillset is in graphic and web design…but I have a network of creative partners who specialize in photography, videography, brand messaging, copywriting and social media. So if what you need is more than what I do, I happily play with friends!

I love to see people excited about who they are and what they’re here to do in the world. If you’d like to learn more how to work with me or hire me for anything related to creativity, get in touch!

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treat people how you want to be treated

Growing up in rural southern Virginia on a farm, I learned the power of community and the power of keeping your word.

I strive to bring the highest level of service and communication to my clients.

Live by the golden rule
colorful rulers laying on a bright pink background
My favorite ruler is from Color Factory, NY.

Illustration and digital imaging from VCUarts, graphic design from client experience

My composition, drawing ability and color theory are all thanks to VCUarts.

My on-the-job experience designing for corporate retail, the financial industry, educational institutions, freelance projects and small agency clients has given me a depth of technical and production skills as well as creative and relationship building skills.

designing for over twenty years
scratchboard illustration of a doll being painted in front of a globe
The Doll, Scratchboard illustration.

design, strategy, and smart execution can transform your business

It's a great honor to help someone create an expression of who they are or what their business stands for.

I take that honor very seriously and strive to work in a collaborative and positive way with each of my clients. In life and in business, things don’t always go as we would like. Even in times of complication or struggle, I try to work toward a solution, remaining respectful, patient and helpful throughout the process.

partnering to create great solutions
Tweaking the shapes and colors in my personal brand.

Notable Creative Partners

I love giving credit where it’s due!
These are some of the local creative folks I trust. I have partnered with them personally and can confidently recommend their work.

yeah, what she said!
keith fabry let's create something great
Kim Brundage Photography
Worth Higgins & Associates
Makeup By Holly Beauty Partners
Journey Seven Media
rich methods
Emmaline's Personal Styling
Total Printing Company
Emergent Social Media
38Active clients throughout 2020
730Cups of Coffee
45Workshop Students
Thanks Jolinda, this is just what we needed and you made it very easy.
- recent design client