Kuba Maya.  Part of an illustrated portrait series.
Published in 491 Magazine, December 2009.

Still life with antique objects. Oil on canvas board.

Glass objects still life. Oil on masonite.

What are you doing?  Part of an illustrated portrait series. Oil on canvas board.

The List.  Part of an illustrated portrait series. Oil on canvas board.

The Star Talers.  Illustrated Grimms' fairytale. Oil on canvas board.

Digital illustration based on an article about remembering a deceased loved-one.

Masquerade ball fundraiser event invitation. Digital.

Lantern illustration for part of a wedding logo. Digital.

Gordes wall.  Landscape painting of Provence, France.
Oil on illustration board.

Cover illustration for a garden club handbook. Colored pencil on illustration board.

Lydia   Portrait. Oil on foamcore.

First meeting.  Illustration for a children's book about a girl who befriends a giant.

The Pleiades.   Based on an aboriginal myth about the
7 sisters who survived physical and mental trials to
become the stars of the Pleiades constellation.

The Traveler.   Editorial illustration about a man who creates gallaxies.

The doll.  Editorial illustration depicting the helplessness
women in parts of South America feel when subject to
the whims of a very machismo culture.

The Witch.   Based on the first encounter
between the children and the witch in the book
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Alone on the Moon.   Book illustration depicting a
story from Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics

┬ęTwenty17 Jolinda Smithson, Design & Illustration. Don't bite my junks. K, thanks.
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